We understand that you might have questions about your neuropsychological evaluation. Please refer to our Neuropsychology Testing Basics page for general information. Below, we do our best to address some of the most common questions our clients and their families ask. If you have any questions at all however, please don’t hesitate to contact our office, by phone or email, and ask us directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why has my doctor referred me for a neuropsychological evaluation?

    A: While your doctor can tell you why they have suggested that you have a neuropsychological evaluation it is often because he or she feels they could do a better job of diagnosing or treating you with more information on the specific strengths and weaknesses you are demonstrating on the various tests administered as part of the evaluation.

  • Q: What happens during the evaluation?

    A: We invite you to visit our Neuropsychological Testing – the Basics page for a full explanation.

  • Q: Should I take my usual medications before the test?

    A: Please check with your doctor, but unless your doctor tells you otherwise, please take all of your regularly scheduled medications as you would on that day if you were not doing the evaluation.

  • Q: What should I bring with me on the day of testing?

    A: Be sure to bring:

    – A list of your medications
    – Any medications you may need during the day
    – Water or a beverage, if you would like, to keep with you throughout the day
    – A lunch to eat in the office. You may also leave the office for your lunch break.

  • Q: When will I get my results?

    A: Results are generally available within one to three weeks of the evaluation.

  • Q: In what form are the results provided?

    A:  Results are usually written in the form of a report document. The report contains information about relevant history, your performance on the various tests, a summary and conclusions based on all the available information, and recommendations. Also, results are often conveyed in a person-to-person meeting with you and the neuropsychologist who was in charge of your evaluation.

  • Q: Who will get a copy of the report?

    A:  Under typical conditions you will get a copy of the report as well as the referring physician. Beyond this, a report will be provided to individuals for whom you provide us with a signed and dated consent to release information form. These are available for download and you can fax them or mail them back to us if you like.


All SANA providers are contracted with Medicare and our providers accept most major insurances.  Our insurance specialist is available to provide assistance, if necessary, in exploring eligibility and navigating insurance matters.  Please feel free to contact us if you have payment, reimbursement, or insurance questions.


If you are a new patient, please submit or print & fill out forms 1-6. You can fill out the online form electronically or you can print the forms and bring them in or fax them to 520.329.8311

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